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About Jane Caress Ltd / Access to Independence

Jane Caress assists people to retain their independence by offering supportive care to clients of all ages designed to help them remain in the comfort of their own home while maintaining a high standard of living.

Meet Jane

Jane Caress established her business in 2005 and has over 20 years’ experience with home care clients. Jane set up her business with a vision of providing a person-centred approach in order to provide high quality care. Jane is supported by a team in the office who assist with staff training and rostering, risk assessments, payroll and accounting.

Our Support Workers

At Access to Independence, we believe that in order to provide high quality care to meet our clients’ many and varied needs, it is vital that our support workers are of the highest calibre. We achieve this through a rigorous application process to ensure that we recruit caring, trustworthy and reliable support workers who have the right ethos.

Upon recruitment, they undergo intensive training at The Care School in Shipley (the only one stop shop for care training in the country) and are assessed by our management team to ensure that they meet our high standards of care. The training doesn’t stop there and throughout each support worker’s career with us, their training is continually updated, with tailored training where required to meet clients’ specific needs and conditions.

Our support workers are matched very carefully to our clients in order that both our clients and support workers feel entirely comfortable with each other. We feel this ensures that both support worker and client feel at ease and we are then able to offer the best possible service.

Contact Jane Caress Ltd. now

Email jane@janecaress.co.uk

Call us on 01677 460051 or 07786 924264